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Detailed layered card make with Christine Smith

Both the Special Birthday Beautiful Banner and For You Elaborate Swirls are fantastic detailed Layering Die sets for your larger cards, however, they also work wonderfully for smaller cards too :D So I thought I’d run through one card idea with each set for you 

Step 1

A quick card with ‘For You Elaborate Swirls’ Die-cut the pieces shown, I’ve used pearl mint, ivory, satin mint, white and vellum to cut my pieces. 

Step 2

Trim a piece of white card to your favourite small card size (mine is 10x13 cm) and use the Ivory die-cut to start building your background, stick half on the card and shown, then trim the excess.

Step 3

Use the excess to fill in the other areas...

Step 4

…to give you a lovely full background like this 

Step 5

Then add the pearl mint one over the top to build up the background even more. 

Step 6

For your sentiment, layer the satin mint one with the ‘For You’ die cut out on top of a solid white one, this will allow us to add it to the card with 3D foam :D And matt this onto the larger vellum layer too

Step 7

Position the sentiment slightly more towards the top of your card panel, you can play around with the sentiment placement too so give a different look, and I think this card would look lovely with a butterfly or two as well!

Step 8

Now for a simple small card using ‘Special Birthday Beautiful Banner’ Firstly I’ve cut a few pieces, the large swirly shape from vellum, the main banner from white card and pink glitter card (make sure to keep the 2 fall away pieces from this cut) and the sentiments from deep pink. 

Step 9

Now we want to make the whole white banner into an outline, so to do this you just cut the 3 sentiment dies into the solid banner piece, and from this you also get the 3 sentiments in white too which we will use as drop shadows later 

Step 10

You’re not left with this…

Step 11

Add your solid glitter banner to your small card panel (10x13 cm) using 3D foam to give some dimension. 

Step 12

Then I thought it’d be nice to soften some of the glitter that will show through later, so I decided to take that large swirly vellum die-cut and use portions of it behind the white banner outline. 

Step 13

Repeat on the other side with the remaining piece and trim off any excess…

Step 14

You can then stick this on top of the pink glitter one to give this lovely subtle result. 

Step 15

Now for the main sentiments, firstly I recessed the white die-cuts back in…

Step 16

…then I added the pink die-cuts shifting them slightly so the white acts as a drop shadow :D 

Step 17

Do this for all 3 parts of the sentiment. 

Step 18

Once I got to this stage I felt like the white background was too empty, if I hadn’t already stuck the banner to the panel I might have embossed a die into the background or even used an embossing folder, but in the end I decided to use one of the pattern dies from the set that had a selection of small flower fall away pieces in, and I cut it a couple of times from the glitter card and deep pink card too. 

Step 19

Then I simply scattered them across the card focusing in those two empty corners 

Step 20

And here you have your 2 cards, I think you’d get some fab results mixing up the sets too 

Hope you enjoyed these quick and simple card ideas for smaller cards using Large Layering die sets :D Christine xxx 

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