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Patterned Paper Packs

Discover the endless possibilities of Craft Paper Packs and Cardstocks at Tonic Studios. Explore our diverse collection, feel the textures, and envision the creations that await.

Our Craft Paper Packs and Cardstocks come in a vibrant array of colours, from pastel hues to bold primaries, ensuring you always have the perfect shade for your projects. Our craft Papers are compatible with a wide range of crafting techniques.

Choose from various thickness options to suit different project requirements. Whether you need sturdy cardstock for invitations or lighter-weight paper for intricate crafts, our collection of unique craft papers has you covered. Use them for stamping, embossing, colouring, and mixed media projects.

With a little creativity, you can use craft paper packs and cardstocks to create countless beautiful and unique projects. So get started experimenting today!