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Wholesale (Trade)

To access the wholesale area you will need a confirmed account.  If you wish to apply to for a trade account please email


Once you have an approved account approved you will be able to access the full site with your discounts shown.  For Detailed Trade Account Terms please see here:


Some things to note:

  1. RRP's will be shown with a strikethrough and your discount price shown.
  2. The basket detail will show the discount you receive and this will be applied to the full basket on checkout.  If you use a voucher code this will need to be entered on the checkout screen.
  3. There are minimum orders in place which will need to be reached to before you re able to checkout.  For example, if your Trade price is 50 (i,e RRP less VAT and 50%) and your minimum order value is £200. The Yellow box near the total on the basket screen will show the RRP min order NOT your Trade price - so that may show £500 as the min BEFORE discount.  We are working on this but when it disappears you have reached the value.
  4. Please place all orders on 'account' as you checkout.  This will allow us to confirm the order and ensure the pricing and quantities are correct.  The sale team will send you invoices separately once this is complete.  If you are pre-pay they will contact you for payment.  
  5. NON GBP customers - please complete your order in GBP and the team will confirm your order in the currency you have arranged.  
  6. Account balances and invoices will be sent as normal and the account page on the website is for reference and ease of use to re-order popular items.


Please contact one of the trade team for a walk through so we can make sure your experience is quick and simple.


Contact +44 (0)1656 749152


Or use the contact us button on the bottom right of the screen for live Chat during normal working hours.