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Twine Tips & Tricks With Ruth Hamilton

Baker's Twine is back in stock!

This is "substantial" weight and you get 25 m on each roll. The colours as shown below are Pewter Grey, Chilli Red, Marigold Yellow, Mauve Purple, Jute, Jet Black, Teal Blue and French Blue.

Twine adds a whole new dimension to your craft projects and gives a rather rustic feel. It can be used to wrap gifts, embellish bookmarks or adorn your cards in the form of bows etc.

I am going to have a little look at some of the ways you may like to incorporate it into your card making.

As well as the more obvious ways of using twine, such as wrapping 2-3 times around a layer on your card, there are so many more ideas.

You may remember how I used twine on a battery tealight jar

Today, I've made a matching card and bookmark using some of the gorgeous Jute Twine and Mauve Purple Baker's Twine. 

How to make a Tassel

Step 1

Wrap the twine around your hand approx 15 times, leaving a long tail at both ends.

Step 2

Slip off your hand and tie the ends in a double knot.

Step 3

Trim the ends of the tassel.

Step 4

Wrap several strands of twine around the top of the tassel, tie a tight knot and conceal in the top of the tassel.

How to make a Butterfly

For the card I have used several of the flowers dies from the Country Jug die set, coloured them with Nuvo Alcohol Markers and tied them together with jute then added a bow. I used the dies from Designer's Choice 18.

To make the butterfly you will need to twist 2 strands of jute together and secure with Tacky Glue. Make 2 larger and 2 smaller loops of jute securing the ends with Tacky Glue and then glue the pieces together. Add a gem on the body.

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