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Tonic Craft Kit 38 With Christine Smith

What You Will Need

  • Tonic Craft Kit 38
  • Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive
  • Craft Perfect Red Line Tape
  • Tonic Glide Folder

Step 1

Take the Amber card from the kit and die-cut the main wallet, the inside flap piece, 2 of the skinny long stitched rectangles, and create a baby card blank by taking a folded piece of card, and hanging one of the long cutting edges from the stitched rectangle die over the fold of the card (as shown).

Step 2

Add some shimmer by lightly spraying all these pieces with the Beryl Swirl Mica Mist from the kit. You can also take the uptake tube out of the bottle and splatter it on too but make sure you’ve shaken it well first :D Now because we’ve added moisture to the card, the fold lines might need re scoring so that they’ll fold easily later on.

Step 3

To decorate the outside, you will need to cut the 2 intricate panels shown from the Ivory Sheen pearlescent card, and the solid backing pieces from the watersprite iridescent card from the kit too. For the closure mechanism we’ll need the 2 skinny rectangles we cut earlier, plus a little buckle cut from silver silk card.

Step 4

To decorate the inside, you will need to cut the 2 intricate pieces on the left hand side from the Ivory Sheen, but we don’t need a backing piece for these. Then to decorate the little card, you’ll need another intricate panel, this time using the other design, and the ‘it’s your birthday’ sentiment cut from Ivory Sheen, and to back these you’ll need to corresponding panels cut from watersprite Iridescent card, and finally another skinny rectangle from the Amber card too.

Step 5

Take the main wallet and the inner flap and add the red liner tape as shown, then use your glide folder to crease all the score lines. To create the little gusset the folds are close together, so a tip is to fold them against the long edge of your glide folder.

Step 6

Stick the 2 skinny Amber stitched rectangles together back to back, then attach as shown in the centre of the point of the wallet flap. Then add your decoration (that we cut in step 3) to hide this join. You’ll also want to add the rectangle panel from step 3 to the bottom rectangle portion.

Step 7

Flip the wallet over and add the flap inside, we’re making this into a pocket for the mini folded card, so start by adhering the long bottom edge of the flap. Then stick down the 2 sides, it’s very simple to line up

Step 8

Add the decorative panels we cut in Step 4 to the interior top and bottom panels as shown.

Step 9

Then use the rest of the pieces we cut in Step 4 to decorate the mini folded card. Layer up the sentiment so that the skinny amber rectangle is behind the words, and the larger watersprite rectangle is behind that.

Step 10

Add your decorated card to the pocket, and finish the pocket with a stamped sentiment from the kit, using the Metro Grey mini ink to stamp with.

Step 11

To create the closure, close the wallet, and fold that skinny rectangle around so that the end is now on the back.

Step 12

Then weave the buckle onto the end of the strip as shown, and carefully add adhesive to the top and bottom bars on the buckle and a tiny dot on either side.

Step 13

Press the buckle into place where you want it, and gently pull the strip out and allow the glue to dry. Then to close simply thread the strip back under that middle rectangle piece of your adhered buckle.

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