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Inverse blending with Galina

Hello everyone, Galina with you today. I hope you had a great weekend! I love ink blending technique and how easy Nuvo inks blends on Craft Perfect smooth cardstock.

So, I decided to play with this technique to create a colourful background for a beautiful floral card made also using images from Bunched Bouquet stamp set.

In the video below I show you how I did this. I hope you like this idea!

How I made this card background

  • I started by masking stripes on a white card panel from the bottom to the centre. I used regular wide masking tape from stationery shop, you can use sticky memo paper as well.
  • Then, I applied yellow ink on the right side and pink ink on the left side. I also applied green and violet colours on the edges.
  • Next, I moved my masking above the first colourful stripe and I repeated the step but this time I used a pink colour on the right side and yellow on the left.
  • So in this way, I’ve created 5 colourful stripes.

I also applied Nuvo Glitter Gloss pen over the striped background to add sparkle.

I hope you can see that amazing and delicate shimmer on the next photo.

Multi Stamped Flowers

Bunched Bouquet stamp set is a layering stamp set, that allows you to stamp different layers of the florals using different ink colours.

So I simply stamped the flowers and leaves with Nuvo hybrid inks and I fussy cut them.

I used double sided foam pads to adhere them to the centre of my card.

To finish I stamped the sentiment under the floral cluster using Nuvo black ink and I embellished with few transparent sequins.

I adhere the sequins using Nuvo Deluxe adhesive.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy crafting


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