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Re: Tonic Studios Intellectual Property

We ( Tonic Studios Ltd, 36 Heol Treth, Bridgend CF33 6BQ, United Kingdom are contacting you in regard to infringement of IP rights.

If you have been directed to this pays it is within reference to communication we have had correspondence with you, this page is for clarity as some messaging systems limited the text we can send to yourselves. 

Tonic Studios are the owners of copyright in the designs listed for sale on your account. The artworks are original and the related intellectual property rights vest absolutely with Tonic Studios Ltd. 

We have discovered that your company has been using designs created under original licence, without the necessary permissions or approval, that is to say, your usage has occurred without the consent of Tonic Studios Ltd or any of their authorised resellers.

Our brand and trademark are registered in many international countries and the designs associated with the trademark and the company’s product portfolio.  This is an infringement of our copyrights in the registered and unregistered design rights. As a result of infringement of its copyright, we are entitled to, inter alia, the following remedies:  an enquiry as to damages for infringement of copyright including an inquiry as to additional damages pursuant to s97(2) of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and damages pursuant to the Intellectual Property (Enforcement, etc.) Regulations 2006 and Directive 2004/48/EC or, at option an account of profits; Publication of any Judgment obtained; and Costs.  Our brand and trade mark is registered in many international countries and the designs associated with the trade mark and the company’s product portfolio.

If you are in any doubt as to your legal rights or if you have any queries or concerns, then we suggest you seek independent legal advice.

We have identified product(s) as a direct infringement of our design, however, the infringement may not be limited to this one design and it is in your interest to review the range of products you offer to ensure there are no further infringements of design rights or trade mark infringement.

We look forward to hearing from you before within 7 days for this correspondence.

We wish to solve this amicably, however, If we do not hear from you during this time we will seek a legal recourse and contact the website administration to highlight the ongoing infringement of our designs.