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A Peek-a-Boo Card Tutorial by Bibi Cameron

Hi and welcome to the Tonic Craft Room with me Bibi Cameron.

Today we will be showing you how to create a delightful moving flower card using the Peek-a-Boo Die Set that's available now on the Tonic Store.


Die-cut all the pieces for the card.

Identify main die cuts to make the card mechanism.

Glue decorative (intricate) die cuts over main pieces (backing die-cuts)

Use a bond folder to shape the leaves a little bit. This will ease the movement of the Peek-a-Boo mechanism.

Assembling the Mechanism

Place the holes in the leaves facing down and align the first hole with the hole in the pull tab.

Use brads to affix the leaves to the pull-up tab.

Insert the pull-up tap in the slits of the mechanism background panel.

Align the second hole of each leaf with the little holes in the mechanism background panel and use brads to secure it in place.

Glue the flower over the circular top part of the pull-up tab.

The Peek-a-Boo mechanism is done!

Let's Decorate

Identify decorative die-cuts:

  • To cover the mechanism
  • To embellish the pull-up tap
  • To decorate corners
  • To add sentiments

Glue in place.

The Peek-a-Boo topper is now complete and you can add it to any project.

Peek-a-Boo in Action

Pull up the tab to see the flower peeking through.

Pull down the tab to hide the flower behind the leaves.

To adhere this Peek-a-Boo piece to a card, add adhesive at the back with exception of the area that moves (the pull-up tab).

You can adhere this Peek-a-Boo piece directly on the card base or you can glue it on a backing panel made out of scrapbook paper or card stock and then glue onto a card base.

This card base measures 5x7 inches but you can make smaller or larger cards.

For a C6 American card base ( 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 inches) or an A6 British card base, you will need an envelope larger than the card.

The minimum envelope size for a C6 card should be around 4-1/4 x 6 -1/2 inches.

Thank you for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed the demonstration and have as much fun as I did with the fabulous Peek-a-Boo Die Sets.

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