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What is a Tim Holtz Stamping Platform?

About Tim Holtz

"I have been a maker most of my life. I enjoy the process of crafting things by hand and the development of innovative products to create with. My love for eclectic vintage has inspired a career designing for various companies in the industry including ranger: Distress & Alcohol Ink, Advantus: Idea-ology & Assemblage, Stampers Anonymous, Sizzix, Tonic Studios and Free Spirit: Eclectic Elements. This is your creative journey so get out there and explore the artful adventure. what you’ll discover is wonderful, what you’ll discover will be yourself."

Discover The Tim Holtz Stamping Platform


An innovative surface for precision stamping with Rubber and Clear Stamps. Take your stamping to the next level with the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform. Designed to perfectly accommodate both clear and rubber stamps - and engineered to ensure an accurate even contact every time - the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform is a must-have for any creative stamper!

Highly durable, the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform is perfect for crafters attending classes or clubs or anyone requiring a tool for extensive stamping. 21.5cm x 21.5cm (8.5" x 8.5") inch top and side guides.

The Tim Holtz Platform offers the following features for the best stamping perfection each time that it is used - 

✓ 21.5cm x 21.5cm (8.5" x 8.5")

✓ Sturdy magnetic base plate

✓ Dual side and top measuring  rulers for complete accuracy for stamp positioning

✓ Durable see-through acrylic stamping plate

✓ Stamping plate dual thickness - each side is marked to show the thickness of the stamp that should be used

✓ Use side 1 for clear stamps and side 2 for other rubber stamps

✓ Stamp plate is easily rotated and sits in metal base locations to ensure a long life for the product

✓ Anti-slip base to ensure non-movement of the product when In use

✓ Includes 2 x high-strength magnets to clamp the medium in place when stamping

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How To Use The Stamp Platform

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Stamp Platform Accessories

Two high magnetic strength neodymium magnets that can be used as replacements or additional magnets for your Tim Holtz Stamping Platform to secure your paper or cardstock in place when stamping.

The Tim Holtz Media Grip secures media in place for ink blending, stamping and stencilling. Easily cut to size as required, the Media Grip is heat resistant and washable - perfect for all manner of mixed media creative tasks!

Frequently Asked Question

What Thickness Stamps Can It Use?

You can use both unmounted clear and red rubber stamps on the Tim Holtz Stamp Platform. The main list can be removed and turned over – each side of the platform is market with the text ‘Clear’ or ‘Rubber’ to notify the die for different thickness stamps. Not all stamps are created equal – some do vary in thickness within the one stamp. If there are areas that need re-stamping then you can just re-apply the ink and stamp again. For some very thin makes another sheet of card under the card stock you are stamping may be needed to get a clean impression.

How Can I Clean My Stamping Platform?

Cleaning with a damp cloth or wet wipe will remove most things from the plastic parts. For more stubborn stains, especially permanent inks, you need to be careful not to damage the plastic with harsh chemicals. Acetone or nail varnish remover should never be used on plastic. A large percentage of plastics can actually be dissolved in pure acetone it is a very harsh chemical.

The following can be used, however we recommend after using the below, that the area is wiped clean with a damp cloth/wet wipe:

Nuvo Stamp Cleaning Solution

Nuvo Stamp Cleaning Cloth

Alcohol cleaners

Stick away spray

Some of the product that can NOT be used are:


Surgical Sprits

Methylated Sprits

If any of the cleaners are used over the logo or rulers over time these could fade as they are printed on.

Crafter Approved

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