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'And The Adventure Begins' Suitcase Gift Box - Beginner's Guide

Step 1

Die cut two of the main box shapes and two of the smaller panels, reinforce all of the score lines.

Step 2

Glue each of the side panels to the adjacent section, secure the support tab with a dot of glue in each corner.

Step 3

Add the smaller panel to each, adhering the glue tab in place then secure the support tab with a dot of glue in the corners.

Step 4

Overlap the folded section on each, overlap and glue the two together to create the double case.

Step 5

You can either leave the bases loose or glue them together.

Step 6

Die cut two straps for each side along with four buckles. Fold at the score lines and glue two together at the dotted section, lining them up on your suitcase. Thread a buckle over the glued section.

Step 7

Adhere the glued section to the back of your suitcase, threading another on and slot the other end of the strap through the buckle to hold into place.

Step 8

Cut 8 corners and two handles. Finish your suitcase by gluing these into position.

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