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How to craft & assemble the Beautiful Bow Box Showcase With Ruth Hamilton

This is the Beautiful Bow Display Box Die Set

It can be used to make a pretty little box which is hinged at the back and closes with a “strap” which fits behind the beautiful bow.

The full instructions are also found inside the packaging but I show you how to assemble and decorate the box in this blog post.

What you will need

- Beautiful Bow Display Box - Showcase Die Set

- Craft Perfect White Smooth Card

- Craft Perfect Black Sapphire Glitter Card

- Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive

You can cut out all the pieces which are shown in the instructions before you start or you can cut them as you follow along with the steps which I have written here.

Step 1

Die cut 3 white top panels and use the larger of the Slit Guide dies on one of the panels as shown (with the slit towards the bottom of the guide)

Step 2

Use the 2 dies shown together on black glitter card to create a patterned panel and glue onto the top panel with the slit at the bottom. 

Step 3

Die cut white Side Panel A x 2 and use the decorative detail die with the outline die to create the black pattern. Glue these onto the side panels.

Step 4

Turn over and glue the panels together as shown.

Step 5

Die cut white Side Panel D and the decorative panel using both the detail and outline dies. Glue these together. Burnish all score lines as you go along.

Step 6

Die cut a white hinge, turn over and glue the top panel, side panel d and hinge together in the order shown in the photo.

Step 7

Glue together to form the base for the box.

Step 8

Die cut and decorate Side panel B and Side Panel C as shown.

Step 9

Place the 2 other Top Panels as shown, glue the Side Panels onto the glue tabs. Glue a white Side Panel D onto the back of this and then add the 2nd Top Panel to form the box.

Step 10

Die cut a small decorative (the size which fits Side Panel D) and glue this to the box as shown. Attach both side of the box by gluing the hinge to the inside of the larger side on the left.

Step 11

This is how it should look when both sides are attached.

Step 12

To form the inside box, die cut 2 Inner Box Panels. Glue the bases together with all the glue tabs facing each other, then fold up the sides and glue the corners together.

Step 13

Die cut the Pull Tab and glue centrally underneath the inner box.

Step 14

Place the inner box inside the outer box and feed the Pull Tab through the slit on the opposite side.

Step 15

To make the bow, die cut the pieces shown.

Step 16

Glue the smaller bow tails onto the larger ones and glue together by the tabs. Gently shape the Bow Loops around a marker or something cylindrical and glue the tabs together. Glue both Bow Loops together by the tab. Glue the Bow Loops onto the Bow Tails and glue the wrap around the centre to hold it all in place. Die cut the Slot Die from white card and fold to create a raised area in the centre.

Step 17

Centre the Slot over the Pull Tab and glue in place, making sure you only add glue on the side tabs.

Step 18

Glue the Bow to the raised centre part of the Slot.

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