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Tonic Studios - Dimensions - Festive Triangle Kaleidoscope Box Lid & Base Set - 2331E

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Product Description

Your Festive Triangle Kaleidoscope Box Die Set contains all the elements you need to create a beautiful triangular box lid or base. Use alongside our Kaleidoscope insert die sets to create a number of different height boxes! Look out for other Kaleidoscope die sets in the range!

Create stunning, hand crafted boxes effortlessly with our new Kaleidoscope Box Die Sets. Mix and match side panel dies with lid and base dies to create a vast range of different sized and shaped boxes. Our latest launch of this best selling range features triangular shaped boxes and a distinctly Christmas themed wall panel set. Kaleidoscope boxes are ultra versatile - with multiple designs available for every panel size and every lid & base. Never create the same box twice!

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