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Tonic Studios - Opulent - Mixed Embellishments & Cardstock - UKB1093

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What's in your Opulent - Mixed Embellishments & Cardstock Bundle - 

Code Variation
9956e Glitter Card-Lemon Sherbet A4 - 250gsm -T1 22
632n Jewel Drops - Yellow Iris T1 22
1117n Pure Sheen Glitter - English Daisy T1 22
1922n Glacier Paste - Lightning Bug T1 22
508n new Marker Pen - Pitch Black
403n new Marker Pen - Bright Sunflower
1431n Chalk Mousse - Thunderstorm
1551n Glimmer Paste - Nebulosity Black
1390n Crackle Mousse - Rose Hip T2 21
377n NEW Marker Pen - Fresh Watermelon
1219n Shimmer Powder - Meteorite Shower
9039e Classic Card - Teal Blue - A4 - 216gsm - (10/Pk)
379n new Marker Pen - Strawberry Jam

Craft Perfect

Craft Perfect is our very own line of paper and card, offering a wide variety of weights, colours and finishes. From our versatile weave textured card to the beautiful handcrafted cotton papers, you are sure to find something to bring your craft project to life, suiting the style, palette and occasion. 


Nuvo Drops

Nuvo Drops add eye-catching three-dimensional embellishments quickly and easily to your craft projects. With a large variety of colours in the range, you’ll never be short of a choice to match any colour palette. Whether you’re using them to write, stencil or freehand, putting the finishing touches on your design has never been simpler with Nuvo Drops. Their self-levelling formula ensures rounded dots that keep their shape and stick to a variety of mediums. Use the drops on non-stick sheets or glass to remove and keep for another day.

Bottle Size: 30ml/1fl.oz

Key Features:

✓ Precision nozzle

✓ Easy to squeeze bottle

✓ Self-levelling dome

✓ Huge variety of colours

✓ Available in pearlescent, matt and gloss finish


Nuvo Shimmer Powders

Nuvo Shimmer Powders produce the most vibrant and brilliant effects. Create beautiful backgrounds, unique textures and marble effects with dazzling colour combinations.

The powders are available in bold block colours and multi-colours. Use the block colours for a simple colour effect or use combinations to create your own unique hues. The multi-colours disperse into a vivid rainbow, and they can be mixed with water to create a solid metallic colour.

Key Features:

✓ 20ml bottle

✓ Precision nozzle to ensure a controlled application

✓ Easy to squeeze bottle

✓ Shimmer Powder available in bold block colours and multi colours

✓ Unique combination of shimmering mica powder and a vibrant dry pigment

✓ Lightly tap the powder over your desired surface - spray with water bottle - watch the colour infuse.

✓ The multi colours disperse into a vivid rainbow

✓ You can also mix the powder straight with water and brush to produce a sparkling water-based paint

✓ Available in a variety of colours


Nuvo Glimmer Paste

Nuvo Glimmer Paste a vibrant shimmer to whatever you are creating. The pastes are beautifully effective on a variety of materials, including fabric, acetate, glass and wood, making this versatile product the perfect choice for papercraft and other mediums.

- 50ml jar

- Easy to apply paste has a high concentration of glitter to give that extra bit of sparkle

- Use with any stencil to create dimensional designs

- Rub into surface of your project to create a beautiful glimmering finish

- For use with paper, card, fabric, acetate, glass and wood

- Available in a variety of glimmering shades

- Sturdy see-through plastic jar with screw lid to keep the paste in a good condition when not in use

- Jar has a large opening - easy to return excess paste to the jar


 Nuvo Alcohol Markers

Nuvo Alcohol Markers offer brilliantly vibrant colours and are ideal for blending.

- Alcohol based ink to provides an effortlessly smooth colour

- Dual tip pen - fine detail and chisel nib

- Fine detail nib for delicate colouring details

- Chisel nib to fill wide areas with colour

- Tapered body provides comfortable hold

- Easily blendable with similar shades

- Use with Nuvo Blending Pen (507n) to create gradients and other stunning effects

- Wide assortment of colours available



Pure Sheen Glitter

Key Features:

 50ml (1.69 fl. oz) bottle.

 Long-lasting bottle

 Large opening for returning glitter

 High-intensity sparkle

✓ Use with other mediums to add glistening dimensions to your designs


Nuvo Crackle Mousse

The Nuvo Crackle Mousse is perfect for adding vintage textured details to your projects with a single application and without heat.

Experiment with your mousse by increasing the thickness to change the size and extent of the crackle.

Key Features:

 62.5g jar

 For use with or without stencils

 Adds a rustic opaque distressed effect - creating cracks as it dries

 Available in a variety of colours

 Sturdy see-through plastic jar with a screw lid to keep the paste in a good condition when not in use

 Jar has a large opening - easy to return excess paste to the jar


Chalk Mousse

Chalk Mousse works well with or without stencils to add a matt textured definition to all your mixed media cards & projects. Nuvo Chalk Mousse is available in a fresh colour palette. Distilled water can be added to this water-based product to soften the consistency.

Key Features:

 62.5g (2.2 fl oz) jar

✓ Easy to apply mousse

 Use with and without stencils

 Apply distilled water to soften the consistency of the mousse

 Available in a variety of fresh palette colours

 Sturdy see-through plastic jar with screw lid to keep the paste in good condition when not in use

 Jar has a large opening - easy to return excess paste to the jar

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