Patterned Panels - Sunflower Array - 1335E

Tonic Studios


This is 1 of the 6 die sets that make up this beautiful brand new range of Patterned Panels. This die set is Verso meaning that you can either leave the decorative pattern in the paper or use the outer cutting die to add a decorative frame to the design. With this being Verso it allows you to create two very different but equally beautiful designs by either creating beautiful decorative background or a repeating pattern to cover a larger area. All 6 of these die sets are interchangeable with each other so you could use the frame from the Budding Vine with the decorative die from the Deco Diamond die set giving you endless possibilities.

Die Sizes:

Outer Cutting/ Frame Die: approx. size 131x102mm
Decorative Panel Die: approx. size 125x93mm

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