Nuvo - Shimmer Powder Bundle - Party Popper - UKB490

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Your Shimmer Powder Bundle Contains

Nuvo Shimmer Powders are a unique combination of shimmering mica powder and a vibrant dry pigment. Lightly tap the powder over your desired surface, use the Light Mist Spray Bottle to add water and then watch the colour infuse. You can also mix the powder straight with water and brush to produce a sparkling metallic water based paint. Create beautiful backgrounds, unique textures and marble effects with dazzling colour combinations.

Use the block colours for a simple colour effect or use combinations to create your own unique hues. The multi-colours disperse into a vivid rainbow, and they can be mixed with water to create a solid metallic colour.

✓ Beautiful Rainbow effect

 Can be mixed with water to create metallic paints

 Unique bottle with a precision nib

Code Variation
1211N Storm Cloud
1215N Catherine Wheel
1210N Solar Flare
1208N Blue Blitz
1212N Violet Brocade

Available until 3rd of November

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