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Your Crystal Drops Bundle Contains

Nuvo Crystal Drops add eye-catching three-dimensional embellishments quickly and easily to your craft projects. With thirty-six colours in the range, you’ll never be short of choice to match any colour palette. Whether you’re using them to write, stencil or freehand, putting the finishing touches on your design has never been simpler with Nuvo Crystal Drops. Their self-levelling formula ensures rounded dots that keep their shape and stick to a variety of mediums. Use the drops on non-stick sheets or glass to remove and keep for another day.

30ml/1fl.oz bottle, 

 Huge variety of colours

 Precision nozzle

 Easy to squeeze bottle

 Self-levelling dome

 Available in both pearlescent and gloss finish

 677 drops in every bottle

Type Code Variation Size
CYRSTAL DROPS 669N Apple Green 30ml
CYRSTAL DROPS 670N Caribbean Ocean 30ml
CYRSTAL DROPS 1801N Pink Orchid 30ml
CYRSTAL DROPS 1800N Calming Aqua 30ml
CYRSTAL DROPS 661N Neptune Turquoise 30ml
CYRSTAL DROPS 657N Raspberry Pink 30ml
Available until 23rd of June

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