Tonic Studios - Home Rococo Petite - Quaint Bird House Die Set - 1292e

by Tonic Studios

This one die set is part of the ever growing Rococo Family. Being one of the 5 available die sets from the Home Rococo Range it works with a number of?í´íë_our products for example you can use most of our Nuvo products like the pens, crystal drops, mousses, embossing powders you get great results by using a die cut as a stencil. This Rococo Petite can also make nice additions to the Kensington handbag die set and work great with any of the Patterned Panels.?í´íë_ Some things that are crafters notice work well with this type of die is string/twine to decorate the card with. The Inspiration behind this die set was to let the crafters be able to create a beautiful new home card but they are more versatile than just Home Cards, you can use them with a New Baby, Weddings, Birthdays (21st 18th) etc. Make sure to pick up these wonderful dies today or you might miss out on the opportunity because with this bundle deal they woníë_íë_í«íšt be round forever.

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