Tonic Studios - Flip Flop, Easel & Frame - Balstrade In Bloom Die Set - 1488e

by Tonic Studios

Tonic Studios is bringing you a range of dies that allow you to create three different cards form just one of the available four die sets. This die set is a part of the essentials range of Tonic products in the orange packaging because they make a great addition to any crafters collection or make a great starter set for someone just getting in to the world of paper craft. Each of the die sets comes with at least one half cut die which is the key in making the three different styles of cards (Flip Flop, Easel or Frame). All of the die sets in the range come with a floral design meaning they can be used for a number of different occasions. This die sets is also?í´íë_Verso meaning that you can either leave the decorative cut in the card or use the matching cutting die to add it on to another project. With such a versatile product and the number of different results you can get the possibilities are endless.

Die Size;

Decorative Frame: 120x116mm
Half Cut Die: 112x71mm
Smaller Frame Die: 98x66mm
Scalloped Inner Die: 54x38mm
Inner Die: 44x28mm
Centerpiece Die: 33x19mm [vc_video link="" align="center"]

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