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Crafting Essentials Tools Bundle - SEPT06

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What's in your Crafting Essentials Tools Bundle - 

Code Variation
986n Nuvo Tweezers
265e Tools - Embossing Tool 12mm / 8mm dual head
202e Tools - 9mm Kushgrip Craft Knife

Tonic Studios - Precision Tweezers

The Tonic Studios Fine Tip Bypass Craft Tweezer has been ergonomically designed offering the following features to ensure maximum performance - 

✓ Manufactured in rust-proof stainless steel

✓ Bypass action to ensure that grip is enhanced

✓ Ultra fine tips for effortless, accurate crafting

✓ Maintains an effortless grip

✓ Perfect for gripping delicate and small items whilst heat embossing

✓ Features a protective sleeve to keep the product safe when not in use


Tonic Studios Large Ball Embossing Tool

The Tonic Studios Large Ball Embossing Tool offers the following features as the perfect product for use in your embossing projects - use with an embossing mat to emboss and shape card -

✓ Two rounded steel heads - 8mm/0.31" and 12mm/0.47"

✓ Manufactured in rust-proof stainless steel

✓ Tapered body to assist grip while using the product

✓ Kushgrip soft touch body to prevent hand fatigue

✓ Overall product length is 15cm/5.9"


Tonic Studios Craft Knife

The Tonic Studios Craft Knife 9mm offers the following features as the perfect product for detailed cutting - 

✓ Precision ground stainless steel razor sharp snap-off strip blades - 9mm deep

✓ Includes additional snap-off strip blades stored in the body of the product

✓ Easy to extend and retract the blade via side switch

✓ Blades retract fully into the body to provide maximum safety when not in use

✓ Steel body frame to ensure strength and rigidity

✓ Simple process to remove the blade and install replacement

✓ Kushgrip soft touch body to prevent hand fatigue and increases the accuracy of cutting action

Please note we are not permitted to sell a knife or blade to anyone under 18. Criminal Justice Act 1988 (as amended).

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