Craft Perfect - Snowy Christmas - Blue & White - UKB433

by Craft Perfect
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Your Snowy Christmas - Blue & White Bundle Contains

Craft Perfect is our very own line of paper and card, offering a wide variety of weights, colours and finishes. From our versatile weave textured card to the beautiful hand crafted cotton papers, you are sure to find something to bring your craft project to life, suiting the style, palette and occasion.

A4 - 85 Sheets in bundle

Type Code Variation
GLITTER CARD 9941E Silver Screen (5/PK)
GLITTER CARD 9948E Sugar Crystal (5/PK)
MIRROR CARD 9953E Cobalt Blue (5/PK)
MIRROR CARD 9450E Smooth Mint (5/PK)
MIRROR CARD 9476E Silky Sky (5/PK)
MIRROR CARD 9477E Spring Silver (5/PK)
MIRROR CARD 9479E Blue Obsidian (5/PK)
MIRROR CARD 9467E Frosted Silver (5/PK)
MIRROR CARD 9771E Tidal Wave (5/PK)
FOILED KRAFT 9343E Silver Damask (5/PK)
SPECIALITY CARD 9818E Silver SIlk (5/PK)
SPECIALITY CARD 9819E Steel Diamonds (5/PK)
SPECIALITY PAPER 9801E English Lace (5/PK)
SPECIALITY PAPER 9814E Silver Chequer (5/PK)
SPECIALITY PAPER 9803E Hail Storm (5/PK)
SPECIALITY CARD 9820E Steel Toile (5/PK)
PEARLESCENT CARD 9497E Pearl White (5/PK)

Available until 1st of September 

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