Earning Rewards is easy.  

STEP 1: Create a new account (top left of the screen) or create one on checkout.

STEP 2: Earn rewards for shopping and sharing.

STEP 3: Check your rewards at any time (you need to be logged in) by clicking the Rewards program tab on the bottom right of the screen.  When you have enough to convert into vouchers click 'Spend my rewards'.


Earning Points is simple


  • Create an account and earn 200 Points.
  • Make an Order (any size) and earn 1 point for every point spent.
  • Refer a friend to the special link and when they order you get 200 points and they get 10% off their first order!*
  • Share website on Facebook and get 200 points.
  • Share Website on Twitter and get 50 points.
  • Like Page on Facebook and get 50 points.


So If you order £25 for your first order and do all the above with just one friend your earn 750 points!

*To receive your 200 points the referral must complete a purchase.  However, there are no limits to how many friends you can refer.


Rewards - How To Spending Points:


Once you have enough points you can exchange them for the offers we have.  These change with promotion's, however, the basic rewards are:

  • £5 off with 500 points
  • £10 off with 1000 points
  • £20 off with 2500 points
****Look out for our points and reward promotions throughout the year. ****
The Small print (not that small :)
Points can only be earned and spent on this website and cannot be used from the purchase of Tonic Studios branded goods on other websites.
You cannot transfer these points to another person.
Purchasing points are calculated on the cost of the product including tax but excluding shipping.  So you do not earn points on the shipping part of the basket.
The 'refer a friend' points will only show when your friend has made their first purchase.
You do not earn points when a reward voucher is used.  So for example, if you accrue points to get a £25 voucher and spend it in the shop - you will only accrue points on any spend over that amount.  So if the basket is showing £30 of product and you use the £25 voucher you will earn the points on £5 of the basket.
The points are not valid currency and can not be exchanged for real money.

We reserve the right to change or modify the points and rewards at any time.