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Nuvo Mica Mist sprays are ideal for adding that shimmering sparkle to your creative project. The uniquely engineered solution contains mica powder and a coloured pigment which adheres to the surface, allowing you to add multiple layers. Spray directly onto light or dark card, through a stencil or over an existing embellishment to produce a beautiful lustre effect. You can also remove the nozzle and paint the solution directly onto a porous surface, creating a more vivid sheen!

Nuvo - Mica Mist - Antique Gold - 571N

Nuvo - Mica Mist - Silver Smoke - 572N

Nuvo - Mica Mist - Turkish Rose - 573N

Nuvo - Mica Mist - Fresh Pear - 574N

Nuvo - Mica Mist - Violet Lustre - 575N

Nuvo - Mica Mist - Nebula Blue - 576N

Nuvo Shimmer Powders are a unique combination of shimmering mica powder and a vibrant dry pigment. Lightly tap the powder over your desired surface, use the Light Mist Spray Bottle to add water and then watch the colour infuse. You can also mix the powder straight with water and brush to produce a sparkling metallic water based paint. Create beautiful backgrounds, unique textures and marble effects with dazzling colour combinations.

Nuvo - Shimmer Powder - Blue Blitz - 1208N

Nuvo - Shimmer Powder - Cherry Bomb - 1209N

Nuvo - Shimmer Powder - Solar Flare - 1210N

Nuvo - Shimmer Powder - Storm Cloud - 1211N

Nuvo - Shimmer Powder - Violet Brocade - 1212N

Nuvo - Shimmer Powder - Atlantis Burst - 1213N

Nuvo - Shimmer Powder - Green Parade - 1214N

Nuvo - Shimmer Powder - Catherine Wheel - 1215N

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