Our crafting expert Alison recommends two of her favourite craft room essential tools from Tonic Studios! Get 25% off these fantastic items at until August 31st 2019 using the code featured in issue 9 of the Tonic card making collection magazine.

Whether you are buffing or blending, the Nuvo Blending Brushes are the perfect choice for a variety of mediums, from Hybrid Inks to Embellishment Mousses. Designed with an easy to use lightweight handle and highly textured bristles, the Blender Brushes give you complete creative control to bring your ideas to life. This key item can be used with stencils, embossing folders, Gilding Flakes and much more, making this a worth while addition to your toolkit in a handy pack of three.

The Nuvo Blending Brushes are perfect for using with Nuvo Inks! One of my favourite techniques is creating a distressed edge by brushing ink onto the edge of the paper. They’re perfect for blending colours together into gorgeous gradients. I also love using them with Nuvo Gilding Flakes- simply apply glue to your card, add flakes on top and then brush away the excess for a stunning effect. Their mini size makes them incredibly handy for crafting on the go, and their flat base makes them easy to store upright without taking up too much room.

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The Precision Glide Folder is a must-have crafting tool for scoring and folding paper for your cards and projects. The pointed head will score your paper with ease and the flat head will create a perfect crease, making this a versatile addition to your collection. This double-ended tool is made with high durability PTFE material, meaning you can fold without damaging your cardstock.

This is an absolute craft room essential! The sturdy, durable finish is perfect for every project and fancy fold you can make, and it moves smoothly across the paper without leaving any burnished marks. I’ve used mine over and over again and it still works as good as new. It sits comfortably in your hand and it’s one of those tools I can’t craft without!

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