About Craft Perfect

Craft Perfect is our very own line of paper and card, offering a wide variety of weights, colours and finishes. From our versatile weave textured card to the beautiful hand crafted cotton papers, you are sure to find something to bring your craft project to life, suiting the style, palette and occasion.

Understanding sizes and weights is not an easy task. For most people, to decide what type of card you need is to define what you want to use it for. There are metric and imperial descriptions but at Craft Perfect, we use GSM to measure the weight of the paper.  


We are increasing our selection of product sizes but the standard formats we currently have are:

A4 which is 210mm x 298mm (8.3 x 11.7 inches). This is the standard UK and international size.

12 x 12 which is 305mm x 305mm (12 x 12 inches). This is also known as 'scrapbooking’ size.



The weight of the paper/card is in GSM (Grams per Square Meter) which is the physical weight of the product. This normally equates to the higher the GSM, the thicker the card. However, depending on how the paper is made and processed, the same GSM card can feel thicker or act differently when cut.

That's why we have specified our papers to be consistent so each time you order you know it will function in the same way. For example, our 216gsm card stock is ideal for die cutting and the 240gsm watercolour card is perfect for watercolour and stamping.  

Each product range is tagged so you can search our site by either weight and specification or by use in order to find the right card for you.  

Here's a brief guide to card thicknesses and what to expect:

80gsm is considered 'paper' and is what you would use day-to-day in an office. Thin and cheap, but won't hold inks very well and is too thin for cardmaking.

120-160gsm is fine for general craft or inserts in cards. Difficult to colour and make into cards but OK for decoration or light projects. Perfect for inlays or envelopes.

210-250gsm is ideal for cardmaking and scrapbooking, easy to die cut but thick enough to stand out in your design and have a quality finish. 250gsm would typically be the limit of what can be die cut. If you are new to die cutting please refer to our Die Cutting explained page.

250-300gsm is thick card stock. Any thicker than this will be difficult to score and fold cleanly.

300gsm and over is very thick card. Anything near 500gsm is mount board as you would use in picture framing.

At Craft Perfect we aim to supply consistent quality and weight cardstock every time you buy. With the same colour and thickness, you can be confident in what you will receive. Our card stocks range from 216gsm to 300gsm and are perfect for card making, scrapbooking, invitations and general crafts.



In addition to the various paper weights, the finish of card can vary greatly and each variation will give you different creative opportunities. This is a quick guide to some of the brilliant finishes Craft Perfect offers.

Textured Card: 

Featured on most of the colour core ranges (A4 and 12 x 12), this finish offers a slight texture that gives the card a quality feel. Craft Perfect weave textured card is textured and coloured on both sides.

Mirror Card:

A mirror card (sometimes called Mirri card) with a high gloss reflective surface. Craft Perfect mirror card is one sided.

Pearlescent Card:

This card gives a reflective satin finish, catching the light with a beautiful pearlescent colour and a surface that looks like a fine etching. Craft Perfect pearlised card is textured and coloured on both sides.

The full collection is here: https://www.craftperfect.co.uk/collections/pearlescent-card

Satin Card:

A mirror card (sometimes called mirri card) with a satin finish instead of a highly reflective mirror finish. Craft Perfect mirror card is one sided.


Hand Crafted Cotton Papers:

These papers are made from cotton instead of a wood pulp to give a completely different look and feel. The resilient texture and detailed finishes create stunning effects with every sheet. Craft Perfect hand crafted cotton papers are coloured on one side.

Ultra Smooth:

This finish is reserved for our Craft Perfect card stock that requires an ultra smooth surface. Ideal for stamping and colouring, this smooth card is perfect for stamping ink, pencils, watercolour, alcohol pens and water-based makers without the grain of the card interfering with your artwork.