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Complete Step by Step with the Satchel Back by Dawny P

Hello crafters – Dawny P here and welcome to the Craft Room today.

The project I’m sharing with you today is made using the really clever and very sweet Tonic Studios Satchel Bag die set. This is a fabulous set of dies and can be made up to store photographs, school year mementos etc. You could even pop a gift card inside or turn it into a stationery holder to house notelets. Endless possibilities here and it is just so cute.

There are 26 dies in the set plus full instructions. And as this is a verso set, you will of course have your outside and inside edges to decorate or to use on your other projects. There is a pocket die in the set which could also be used on the front of your cards or even to pop onto a gift to hold a tag. There are 2 sentiment dies as well – Love and Hugs and Open Me and again these could be used as gift tags. There are 2 different patterns on the verso dies, one is floral and one is geometric. Both are generic and really stylish so could be used for anybody. This makes it a ‘must have’ for me because I like to get the absolute most out of my die sets and the more uses they have, the more I love them!

The satchel is cleverly designed so that it can be opened flat and to keep it closed there are cute little butterfly shaped clasps to hold it together. And the finished size is approximately 115mm x 120mm x 55mm (or 4.5” x 4.7” x 2.1” in old money!!). So it makes up into quite a substantial and sturdy project. It could easily be doubled up to make something bigger.

Normally when I do step by step instructions, I will put a list of tips at the end, but I’ll add them as we go along for this project. There are a lot of photographs here which I hope will help, and also I wanted to show that even if you are either a new crafter or new to die-cutting, this is a very achievable project. Imagine giving this to somebody as a gift – they would never believe you were a beginner.  


If you are a newbie, I mention valley and mountain folds and this is what they should look like -

I’ve broken it down into three simple stages so shall we get started?

To Cut – time to fire up those die cutters!!

Base pieces - cut 2 in white.

Handle - cut 2 in white.

Tip - you can just cut one but I think 2 makes the handle sturdier.

Lid – cut 1 in white.

Insert separator – cut 2 in white.

Straps – cut 4 in black.

Tip – again you can just cut two but I think doubling these up works better.

Front pockets decoration – cut one in black and keep the little rectangular waste piece.

Cut another in white - you just need the waste piece as shown here.

Side panel decoration – cut 2 outside edges in both black and white and cut verso inside edge die into black pieces as shown.

Lid top decoration – cut 1 outside edge in both black and white and cut verso inside edge die into black pieces as shown.

Front lid decoration – cut 1 outside edge in both black and white and cut verso inside edge die into black pieces as shown.

Cut the sentiment die into the black waste piece from front pocket decoration.

Lid top decoration – cut 1 in pink.

Pocket inserts – I put 5 in my sample (2 black and 3 pink). For each pocket you want to make you will need to cut 2 pieces.

Satchel front pocket – cut 1 in pink.

Butterfly clasp closure – cut 2 in white and 2 in pink

Preparing our cut pieces

Stick the side panel and front lid decoration pieces together as shown.

Do the same with the lid top decoration – I used dimensional pads here. Then stick down onto lid top pink piece as shown.

Stick the sentiment die cut onto the piece of white waste as shown.

Stick straps together if you’ve doubled up.

Crease handles pieces as shown and then stick together. Once dry, re-crease.

Add a strip of DST – I used red liner – to the little tab on the lid.

To prepare the insert separator pieces

Firstly, you will notice that there are pairs of sections on these pieces that are slightly wider. Add a strip of DST to one of the sections in each pair as shown. Now mountain fold these sections, remove tape and stick the sections together . Valley fold the sections either side of the stuck together sections - it should look like the centre picture. Do this on both pieces.

Tip – remove one bit of backing tape at a time, stick together and move on to the next section.

To prepare the insert pockets

Crease tabs on both pieces. Add a strip of DST to each tab as shown. Remove the backing tape from one tab, line up with the un-tabbed edge of the other piece and stick together. Fold in half, remove the other backing tape and stick down.

Tip – fold in half and remove the backing tape slowly, sticking down as you go.

To prepare the front pocket

Crease and fold the tabs as shown. To start, have the right side facing you then mountain fold to the back the first tab. The other tabs are then concertina’d. Tuck the little shaped tab at each end of the longest side into the last fold on the shortest sides. Glue down. Then glue down on top the little tab on the shortest side as shown. Apply strips of DST to the three sides.

Stick the black decorative piece onto the front of pocket. Stick the sentiment piece into the middle as shown. You could use foam pads for this for extra dimension.

To assemble

Take both base pieces and add glue or DST to the panel which I’ve scribbled on. This will be the base of the satchel. Do this on one piece only.

Tip – I like to add strips of DST, remove the backing and and then run wet glue over the tape. This means that you have a bit of extra time to line things up and also the glue will make the base a little sturdier once the glue has dried.

Remove the tape from the first piece. Now take the other piece and lay it on top so that both base panels are together. It will look like this. Now take your bone folder and give everything a good crease.

Remove the backing tape from the lid piece, line up with the edge of the base piece as shown and press down.

Now stick down the lid top pieces.

Also stick down the side panel pieces.

Open up to the wrong side. Stick the straps in between the little notches on the lid as shown.

Take the pink butterfly clasps and pinch the wings together. With the right side of the base piece facing you, thread the wings through the slits on the lollipop shaped bits as shown. Now flatten the wings down. Do this with both pieces.

Bring the side pieces in. Fold over the 2 lollipop pieces as shown. Glue the pink butterfly clasp on the back to the other lollipop piece. Add the glue to the pink card only and remember to add a thin line of glue along the centre to hold it all down well. This is your side opening and closing mechanism. To open, just pinch the wings together and slide out if the slit.

Now for the front. Take the 2 white butterfly clasps, pinch the wings together and slide through the slits in the straps as shown. Open the wings.

Remove the backing tape from the front pocket and stick to the front of the satchel.

Tip - before removing the backing tape, bring the straps to the front to check that it all lines up OK. Once you are happy, take the tape off and stick down.

Bring the straps over to the front and glue to the back circles on the decoration. Again, add the glue to the white card only and remember to add a thin line of glue along the centre to hold it all down well. This opens and closes the top of the satchel.

Glue the handle to the top of the lid.

Open it up. You will see the de-bossed lines on the base. Mark slightly with a pencil as shown, This makes the next step much easier.

Now take one of the insert separators and add glue to the underside. Line it up against the little marks you just made.

Do the same with the other piece.

Tip – use your bone folder in between the ridges to really press everything down well.

Finally, pop the inserts inside, close it up again and you are all done.

Isn’t is fab!!

Products Used

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Classic Card - Craft Perfect - Classic Card  - Blossom Pink - Weave Textured - A4(10/PK) - 9066e
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