Welcome baby plaque - an idea from Doda

As you may have noticed on our Facebook page,  there's a new kid on the block - Sian, one of Tonic's graphic designers now has a gorgeous little baby boy. I made this plaque with him in mind using one of Tonic's fab new dies. (This is such a great die to have as it will work for a boy or a girl, so you can be prepared for both.)
I snipped the sacks from the storks on the right hand side just for a wee change and then flattened them between two pieces of card run through my die cutting machine so that I could use them in reverse.

I've got a thing about making plaques at the moment, so I am sure you will see more of them  ;-)

My craft room is immaculate today - we are trying to sell our home and have a viewer coming shortly - but it'll not stay tidy for long, I'll be off to play in it again later.

Have a lovely day

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