Wedding Invitations

I still am not feeling 100% after my bout of flu, but at least my brain feels like it is accessible again, so I finally got around to finishing some wedding invitations for a friend. I made 120 of them!

To make the card I started with A4 sized pearly card and cut them into two. Then using my Super Trimmer with the scoring blade, I scored them all so that they are gatefold cards. I then used a bone folder to press all the creases nice and flat.
Here's a handy hint...if you have a lot of cards to score at the same size, then use a pencil to mark a guideline on your trimmer. It wipes off easily afterwards and saves a lot of time.

I found that the best glue for sticking on the hearts was my Funky Gluestick.
And the speediest method of sticking in the inserts was the Funky Tape Runner.
I found some nice quality envelopes on Ebay. I punched them to match the cards.
And of course, being the mad box making lady that I am, I had to make boxes to put them in too. So I made six boxes that hold 20 cards each.
Now I just have to hope that the Royal Mail gets the package to my friend safely.

The punches used were...
Crossing Heart Medium paper punch
Multi Detail Craft Punch - Heart
Simplicity Geared Punch - Rings

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