Victorian Border frame

There are just so many different ways to use these punches, I can't help experimenting.
Please let us know any ideas you've had...

So many punches, so little time!! I love trying to use these punches in different ways and on this card I've used the Tonic Studios Victorian border punch again (you can tell this is a favourite..). This time I've made a little frame with it. It's really easy to make and only takes minutes. I've shown below how I did it but it's a lot easier than it looks.

The "flower" in the centre was made with the Tonic Studios Multi Detail Heart punch, Simplicity Geared Daisy punch and the mini Daisy punch.


1. Measure depth of punch-15mm

2. Draw a line 15mm in from 2 sides of  card.

3. With the back of the punch facing upwards, start punching right at the edge of the upright line.

4. Turn it over and carry on punching as normal

5. Punch 4 times and turn over, then start in the same way at the other corner.

6. Carry on punching as normal.

7. When you have punched 4 times, draw a line from corner to corner of the punched section.

8. Now draw a line 15mm outside each of these lines.

9.Cut the paper off along the outside lines.

10. Punch along the other 2 sides in the same way to create the frame.

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