Step-by-Step Half-in, Half-Out Cut Verso Dies Card

Hi, Dips here.  As there have been so many questions about this style of card, this week I've blogged a step-by-step tutorial for how to create it using the Tonic Verso Die Sets.  I have used the Decorative Holly Wreath Set but this would work for any of the Verso Die Sets, following the same steps. This shows you how you can create card with the free edge either inner-most(above left) or outer-most (above right).

I've also put a printable PDF file of both instructions, you can find it on my own blog

A4 Portrait Card with Half-Cut Out Circle

Step 1 - Score the card
First of all, you need to measure the largest outer edge from the Verso die range that you are going to use.  I've used the Decorative Holly Wreath, which measures 14cm wide, but you could use any shape/style of Verso Dies for this. Next score your card in half as you would for any card you were making.  

 Now, the next thing you are going to do is to create two small score lines in the front half of your card.  To work out how long these score lines need to be either eye-ball it and mark your card with a pencil - or be anal like me and calculate it.  So you need to take your card width (in this case 21 cm) and subtract the width of the die (in this case 14cm) giving an answer of 7 cm, then divide this number by 2, giving a measurement of 3.5cm.

At 7.4cm along the top (longer) edge, score your card down from the top by 3.5cm, then move your score tool to the bottom edge, and score up by 3.5cm.

Step 2 - Cut the Free Edge

I have marked all these score lines in pencil (below), you don't need to do this, but it helps you to see where they are for following this tutorial.

So, you can see  below, I've scored the card in half (as you would normally) and then a quarter of the way in, I've scored from the top and bottom by 3.5cm.

Now take your Verso die (both outer and inner) and line it up centrally between the score lines and hold in place using low-tack tape.

For this style card, the "free" edge is going to be on the first quarter of the card and for this card style, these are the instructions for how you need to place your card on your die-cutter.  You need to place your card onto your cutting mat so that ONLY the first quarter of the card (to those short score lines) sits on the cutting mat (the rest of the card is hanging loose off the cutting mat).  Then place your base plate over the top and, holding very firmly so that nothing slips, feed this through your die-cutting machine.

Step 3 - Cut the rest of the Card

Once you've done this, carefully move the cardstock up the cutting mat so that it is all on the cutting mat.  Don't worry if the detail is not fully cut at this stage as we are going to do another cut pass.  Carefully remove the outer cutting edge only (leaving the detail die in place, unmoved). At this point, you can add further layers of the detail verso dies (but not their outer outline cutting dies).  Tack in place with low tack tape.  Cover with the base mat and pass through your die cutting machine.  

Top Tip - if like me, you use all the dies, you may find it takes several runs through the die cutter to cut all the detail.  If the inner rings are still proving difficult after a couple of passes, very carefully remove the outer verso detail die, and run it back through the die cutter, all the detail on the smaller dies should now cut.

Remove the dies, fold and burnish the score lines with a bone folder, and hey presto - a half cut card.

I have also done a similar tutorial for a Square Easel Card with Half-Cut Out Circle, pop over to my blog which has the free edge in the other half of the card.  In the same post on my blog, you'll also find a printable PDF file of both instructions for the steps and measurements.

Please do let me know if this tutorial has been useful, or if you need any clarification on my description or any of the steps.

Enjoy your dies and have a great weekend!

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