Mr Tonic the square cracker box die idea from Doda

Just the thing for a hot day - a snowman! I think my neighbours must think I'm a bit of a nutcase wandering around the garden taking photos of a paper snowman on a sunny summers day!
Mr Tonic soaking up the sun...he wasn't worried he was going to melt.
Mr Tonic the snowman was made using the square cracker box die and his hat was made with the squeeze box die. To make his head, I cut another cracker and then cut the central part down to a square shape and cut off the outer part too. I joined the flaps together at the top with a little square of card that was waste from the diecut. I glued the end of the inner cracker and then made small snips down the edges so that it would fit inside the outer square , I then stuck the outer cracker square shape on top of that to make the head.  To affix the twigs to the body, I first wrapped and glued a thin strip of card around the ends so that it would give me a surface to attach to the body. For his mouth, I used a black sharpie pen to colour some flatback pearls. For his carrot nose, I rolled a cone shape out of paper.

His scarf was a scrap of Deckchair fabric cut to size and then with a pin I frayed the ends to make the fringes.

If you make the base part of the snowman, and supplied some elements to stick on,  the kids could have fun making their own characters.

Well....stay cool ! Have a lovely day wherever you are.

Ruth will be along with a post for you later on today.

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