Micro Nebula Watercolours - Jennifer Kray

Today's blog is a little different as this was part of Tonic's super fun live show they do on a Friday - and their first named theme for their Friday show which was 'space'. If you didn't see it - it was HILARIOUS! I've attached the video at the end of this blog post. 

I wasn't sure if Id have enough time to take part as I had an exam and a crazy work week but I sat down Thursday night and decided to dig out some Nuvo products and have a messy play. I started out using the Nuvo mousse but it just wan't vivid enough so cleaned up and started again. 

The set consists of 3 really cool cards. I've not added any additional embellishments or sentiments as it wasn't needed. Don't be afraid to make cards without sentiments - just do your own thing. 

If you want to create your own galaxy, it really is dead easy. Die cut a card base using an oval circle die as well as the a piece of watercolour card. Then use a mixture of Aqua Flow Pens, Kuretake Clean Colour Watercolour Pens and white acrylic fluid. Start by leaving a white space somewhere on your card and work outwards deepening the colours. There's really no pattern I followed other than light to dark. And practice moving the colours around on the watercolour card, drying then adding more detail if required. 
To make this cool green galaxy you'll need a simple white card base 5.5" x 4.25 and layer a piece of satin black inside and out 5.25" x 4". Die cut a circle and apply the same process as above. Finish off with a sprinkle of white acrylic fluid. 
To complete the trio, die cut 3 small but different size circles and again apply the same technique as above, choosing 3 different colours. Set aside to dry. Make sure your card is 100% dry before adding acrylic fluid as it will react with the wet paper and ruin your project (I did this twice and swore a lot before having to start over. If you think it's dry, wait another 15 mins.).
I wanted to add some texture to the card so used one of my stencils to make a background with Black Diamond Glimmer Paste. Leave to dry and then attach your micro nebula's to the front of the card. 
If you look closely you can see the awesome stencil effect with the glimmer paste.


You really must watch this show - and remember it's on every week at 4pm. You can join Tonic Studio's Official Group on Facebook here: Tonic Group

Keep your eyes out for the next theme but until then you can watch the shows every Friday at 4pm. As long as their something Tonic on the card and if you use #showtonic your card/project will be shown and admired on the live show!

Hope to see you there. 
Lots of love
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