Making a frilled rose.

This is for the person who left a message for me on my blog asking how to make the frilly flower from the Rose, Pansy, Camelia, Gardenia Punch and Stamp set ...and anyone else who has bought the set and wants to expand the range of  flowers. 
NB. You can follow the same procedure with the other set of punches for a frilly flower which has more of a point as shown above.

Frilled rose.
1. Punch out as many petals as you want. I've used 16 but you can use less or more. A little tip is to double the paper over and punch 2 at a time for speed.

2. Using reverse tweezers hold the petal in the centre but leave a tip showing.

3.  Place your fingers and thumb round the petal and give a quick twist in a clockwise direction.

4. It should look like this now.

5. Dip the tip into a blob of glue while still holding it with the tweezers.

6. Then place down on the sepal.

7. Make a layer of 5 petals , then offset another 5 and add a blob of silicone glue in the centre.

8. Twist more petals and add them to the silicone glue, pointing towards the centre.

9. It should then look like this.

10.  Recap

Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything unclear in the instructions.
I am thinking about doing some videos showing how to make these flowers as they are so quick and easy to do. I'll keep you posted.
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