Hello and welcome to a new year on the blog.

Time is just whizzing by, and I've completely lost track of the days.

I hope you had a lovely time of celebration with family and friends over the holiday season and that you have emerged safe and sound into the new year.

Lots of lovely things waiting in the wings to come your way this year and currently Tonic have the luxurious Embellishment mousse on a 4-day deal.

Normally I would have had my posts ready to go, but with all the hubbub and activity I sent off my samples and forgot to take photos of them.
Fortunately, they were photographed at Tonic headquarters, so I'm just getting to post today.

Here they are. If you need any help with the hows and whys, just leave me a comment here or on FB, and I'll do my best to help. :)

May I wish you and yours a very happy, blessed and peaceful New Year.

I have to say I adore this product and love how it can be used as a texture through stencils or as a paint or for edging mats and layers. There are loads of ways to bring projects to life and this mousse ticks all the boxes. :) x

Thank you for joining me today.