Lantern box die - simples ! - a post from Doda

I wanted to see how a total non-crafter would get on with the lantern box die, so I took my friend up to my craftroom and helped her to put together the lantern box.  As you can see, she did a fine job. OK, so I did help a fair bit, but I am talking about someone who has hardly used a paper punch, and never done die cutting before. She was very impressed with how the sections fitted together, and with the versatility of the dies that allow you to choose which design to cut into the sides of the lantern. She was delighted to take it home with her and will be showing off her pretty lantern with a battery operated tealight inside.

It is a wonderful die, I love how it gives you so many options. It is even big enough for a nice wee stack of homemade cookies to give as a hostess gift. Oooh, so many ideas on how to use it !

If you have already signed up for Tonic Gold, then you will have seen that there are lots of inspiration and how-to videos available to you...and if you haven't signed up yet...what are you waiting for? It's a wonderful free resource.

Have a lovely day !

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