Kensington Glamour.... - Jo Austin

Good Evening all.... and can I just say before I start - Happy New Year from a very wet and cold London. I am down near Heathrow (actually on the flight path into it - VERY EXCITING!!!!!) doing some shows for Create and Craft USA over the last few days. The planes that are arriving, come straight over the front of the hotel - I swear I could see people supping their last bits of coffee! It's great to see the planes so close. I think it's the Gemini in me - the nosiness - that wonders where they have been, where they're going, what they're doing and why!!

Besides my airplane spotting adventures, I know I've been a bit lousy on the keeping-up-the-blogging front, but things have been a bit bonkers, what with Christmas coming around so quickly and work commitments etc. You know how it is.... blogging was the last thing I needed to get round to doing. I know I should.......... really, I should! It is actually very therapeutic to sit and waffle to myself on here. Haha. 

Anyway. What goodies do I have for you today? Well, as you may guess, I want to share a few little makes from the Kensington Handbag Pick of the Week. 

I say Pick of the Week, with a slight tongue in cheek as we had tons of stock, only for it to last a couple of hours and 31 minutes! And then it was gone. That quick. So, until it returns sometime in the future, I thought I would tease you with some of my completed little bags...!

This little cutie patootie is an image from Linnie Pink, one of my friends from Facebook, and she does the most wonderful CD roms. All the girls are so sweet, and this one was just perfect for the type of bag I wanted to create. I printed off the image onto white cardstock, then cut around it with the dies so I knew exactly where she was sitting on the page. 

A slightly different version of the handbag with this one, as I created a valentine's theme bag. So perfect for Wedding favours or just for giving a few little chocolates (or diamonds!) for your loved one. The top has been left up for this one, and the clasp attached to the top edge on both sides. This makes the little fastener. Very clever... and all the hard work is done for you. 

The sides on this box have been creased along the score lines so that you can shape it more to a triangular box, rather than the one above which is left more square. 

This box is also more of a triangular, and created in much the same way as the one above. But I kept it a little simpler coloured, quite elegant and added a little bit of lace and a butterfly to finish. 

So..... how about elongating the bag? You can indeed do this, and when I get a minute, I will do a little tutorial on how to do it. It's very simple and takes hardly any time at all. 

The embellishments on the front are cut from the die set and the glitter border was created simply by adding some double sided tape along a piece of Tonic Mirror card and then sprinkled along the sticky bit. Easy peasy. You can see the texture of our fantastic Tonic Essentials cardstock too... that beautiful weight and woven texture is a dream to work with and makes your projects look so elegant. 

I will post a few more of my makes hopefully tomorrow - but at the moment I am in London and the Wifi in the room is a little hit and miss..... !

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