Hi everyone. Sorry you've not seen much from me in the last week or so. First my little girl was sick, and then she kindly shared her germs with myself and my husband, so as a result we're suffering from a nasty chest infection that leaves one rather listless and lack lustre. However, this little butterfly I made a while ago is cheery to look at with the sun shining through it (on my rather grubby window).

To make this butterfly hanging decoration, I glued together 4 layers of die cut card - cut with one of the butterfly layering dies set. In between the middle layers, I glued the hanging thread. I then glued the butterfly onto baking parchment,  and when it was dry, filled the holes with stained glass paint -the kind that peels off the window. Once it was dry, I  peeled the whole thing off the baking parchment and that's all there is to it. You could make a whole mobile like this...wouldn't that be so pretty for a baby's room!

Hope you are all managing to stay free from all the seasonal viruses!
Happy crafting.