Guest Blog Post - Eugenie Delille


My name is Eugenie (Neige on the net), I’m 37 and I live in France (Normandy).

I studied to be a laboratory technician, but I didn’t find any job. In 2008, I discovered scrapbooking and I made all my wedding decoration. That’s how I started and with the help of my husband and a friend, I decided to make it my full-time job.

For 7 years I’m making cards (menus, place tags, boxes, labels…) on demand for happy events (weddings, birthdays, baptisms). You can find all my creations on my blog:

Two years ago, my husband and I wanted to celebrate important works on the house, so I decided to make boxes for the guests. I search the internet and found a lovely Tonic Studios box (Carousel Box). I really liked creating those boxes and I fell in love with Tonic Studios creations. I then found the Facebook page of Tonic and joined it 1 year ago.

In September, I wanted to do Mixed Media, I used Tonic’s Mousses for the weathered effects, and it’s so great!

Now my collection of Tonic’s creations is still growing and I’m really loving it, I’m really happy to have discovered Tonic.

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