Gift Bag/box

I usually make cards but every now and then I like to try something else and this time I thought I'd fiddle about with some card and try to come up with a little bag.

I've taken a few photos along the way if you'd like to have a go at making one yourself -

1. Using the outside of the middle size Tonic Studios rectangle Shape Mates cut out 2 templates. 

2. Use the Tonic Studios Floral Border Simplicity geared punch to decorate the top of both pieces.
Take the smallest template from the Oval Shape Mates and cut around the inside of it in the centre of the front piece of card.

3. Mark a line 1cm in from the outside edge around the sides and bottom of both pieces.

 4. Cut a piece of white card measuring 29cm x 5cm and using the Tonic Studios Super Trimmer and score at 1cm along the long edges.

5. Snip three times at 10cm from top and bottom at both edges as above and run a length of glue from the Tonic Studios Tape Runner along both long edges.

6. Use this piece along the inside of the pencil lines to stick the card front and back together.
As you can see, I've added a piece of acetate (which I've also embossed with a Rose folder) inside the oval cut out.

7. You can make a little lid for the top by cutting a piece of white card measuring 14cm x 5cm and score at 2cm in from each long edge and 1cm in from the short edge.

8. Snip off the corners as shown in the photo above.
 Run the glue runner along the back edge of the "lid" and stick to the inside back of the bag.

9. Use the Tonic Studios Celtic Strip geared pattern punch to create a handle.
 Stick the handle to the sides using Tonic Studios Funky Glue Pen (I love this!!)

I  used the Petal Pairs flowers to decorate where the handles are attached to the side.

I've decorated the front using Oval Shape Mates to make a frame of patterned paper, Multi Detail Butterfly punch, Mini Butterfly punch, Petal Pairs 

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