From Dips - A Tutorial on creating a box from the Verson Sentiment Die Sets

As promised after all your lovely comments last week, this is a tutorial showing how you can use any of your Tonic Studios Verso Sentiment Square Die Sets to create a favour box.

Project Recipe:
Tools: Tonic Studios Deck The Halls Sentiments Dies, Super Trimmer, Grand Calibur 
Paper and Card: 1 sheet each of A4 and 30x30 card stock

Let's start with the box lid.  Using the cutting blade on the Super Trimer, cut an 11cmx11cm square from the sheet of A4.  Switch to the scoring blade and score on the wrong-side of your card (if your card has a front/back side) each side at 9.25cm.  I have marked the score lines in pencil on the photograph so that you can see it, but you wouldn't do that.  Now flip the card over and centralise the medium outline cutting die from the Verso Sentiment Square Die Set.  Stick down and cut, then emboss. Next, use the smaller outline square and detail insert to cut out and emboss 4 panels from the remainder of the A4 sheet.  Use masking tape to keep the two dies joined together identically for all 4 panels.
Set to one side for later.  Now cut your 30x30 sheet to exactly 25.2cm x 25.2cm.  Swtich to the scoring blade and score at 9cm on each 4 edges. Fold along the score lines and then trim the sides as shown in the center picture below.  Glue the box together as shown and allow to dry.
Return to the box lid and fold along the score lines, then cut and trim the tabs as shown below left left.  Glue the tabs create the box lid.  Now stick the panels to the box base.  Note that you are aligning the panels to the bottom part of the box.  You will appear to have too much space at the top but don't worry, this is where your box lid will sit.

Once everything has dried, your box is now finished and you can decorate the panels to suit the occasion.

You can download or print a version of this tutorial at the end of my blog post here.  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have a great weekend!

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