Flower tutorial

I've had quite a few emails asking about these sets...sometimes I show flowers made from them which bear no resemblance whatsoever to the named flowers on the boxes. Well, that's actually the idea behind the sets - the flowers on the boxes are only the starting point. Just twist, fold, colour and use your imagination and you never know what flower you'll have at the end :)
I've used the new Tonic Studios Celtic Knot border punch along the edges of the white card and the flower are made with the Tonic Studios Clematis, Lily and Poinsettia Punch and Stamp set.

Anyhow, with that in mind, I've taken photos of the steps in making the flowers on this card..

This is the set I used.

1. Punch out 12 petals (the longer ones from the set ), 1 sepal and 1 stamen

2. Ink the outer edges of the petals.

 3. Fold the petals in half with the inked part to the outside..it helps to use a pokey too to fold over.

 4. The inked and folded petals should look like this.

 5. I usually put some of the glue onto a piece of card so I can dip the ends of the petals into it.

6. Slightly flatten the inner point of the petal and dip into the glue before sticking to the longer parts of the punched sepal.

 7. Glue the first 6 petals onto the sepal like the photo above, keeping the outer tips folded and pointed.

 8. Add the next 6 petals to the stamen between the first 6  - with the inner points meeting in the centre.

9. I added a punched sepal and a gem to the centre. I have added a few leaves punched from the pearlised card with the edges also inked in darker blue.

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