Fancy a Slice of Something Completely Different from Dips?

I know that this may be heresy on Blog Tonic, but I have to come out of the closet and own-up......I don't just do papercrafts!   I'm a bit of a baker and cake decorator too.  So can you guess what recent Tonic release I've managed to use in my cake decorating?  
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted what I've used to emboss my floral sugarpaste cut-outs.  It's my new Tonic embossing folders!  

I need to give a disclaimer here, as obviously these folders were not designed to be used with food, so it is a matter of personal choice as to whether you would want to do the same.  Also, I have kept the ones that I used for sugarpaste work entirely seperate from the ones I use for papercraft. Prior to using the folders, I washed them in warm, soapy water, dried them thoroughly with a clean tea-towel and dusted them with cornflour to prevent sticking.

I did not put the folders through my Grand Calibur (or any other die-cutting machine)! 

If you would like to see more details on how I incorporated Tonic Studios Embossing Folders into cake decorating on this very special Diamond Wedding Anniversary Cake, then please pop over to my blog Dips Designs for much more detailed instructions, and lots and lots more photos!

I hope you all had a very happy Easter and I'll see you again next week, bye for now.

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