If you have a passion for travelling, or for geography then today’s project will be perfect for you. Or take it to another level and surprise your friends with this handmade earth globe. You can make it as bigas you want. Pretty easy to make and all you need is a basic die: circle dies.

I want to show you , that you can build and create new projects using this simple shape.

Step 1 :  Using the NUVO Aqua Flow pens, color in two parts : blue and green  onto a piece of white paper. Use a brush and water to blend the colours.

Step 2: To add a bit of texture, splash a few drops over the coloured backgrounds by using a wet brush. To remove the water use a piece of kitchen towel.

Step 3: Cut out the coloured backgrounds by using Circle Layering Die Set – 481E

Step 4: To give a more realistic look to the earth globe, free hand cut the shape of continents from the green circle.

Step 5: To create the body of the earth globe, layer a larger and smaller circle die to get a frame and cut it in half. For the base , cut out a small circle and cut it in half too.    

Step 6: Cut two more thin strips to connect with the circles you cut previously. All pieces should look like the ones from the image.

Step 7:  Layer and glue the pieces together as shown in the image.

Step 8:  Once you have all pieces cut out and ready to go, layer them one on top of the other by using glue or foam tape for a nice dimension.

Optional : If you don’t have watercolour pens, use colored cardstock