Dips' Tutorial on a Card-in-a-Box

Hello, Dips here.  Do you remember my Butterfly and Fairy Card in a Box?  I promised that I would do a Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to make this from 2 sheets of A4 cardstock.  The box folds flat to 20x22cm.
Card-in-a-Box Recipe:
Paper and Card:  2 x A4Stardream,  3 or 7 9.5x9.5cm card panels, 3 9.5cmx11.5cm card panels, 1 9.5cmx21.5 cm card panel, 4 or 7 9x9cm paper panels, 3 9x11cm paper panels
Tools: Tonic Studios Layering Square Dies, Tonic Studios Supertrimmer, Grand Calibur 
Once you've read this tutorial, if you would like to download the instructions, pop over to my own blog, DipsDesigns.com, where you'll find a PDF file and more photographs of the steps involved. 
Using your Super Trimmer set with the score blade, score the A4 sheet along its length at 10cm and 20cm.  Then rotate the sheet a quarter turn, and socre the width at 10cm.  Repeat for the other sheet of card.  Burnish the score lines with a bone folder.  
Swap the blade in the Super Trimmer to the cutting blade and trim the A4 sheet to 22cm, making sure that the 10cm score side is at the top (see below right).  Don't throw away the little strip, we'll be using this!  Repeat on the other sheet.
Card in a Box Step-by-Step Tutorial Step 1
Next, carefully cut through the 10cm long score line.  Repeat with the other sheet. Take one of the scored offcuts and trim down the 12cm to 1.5cm.  This will leave you with a score line at 1cm, then a 10cm space, then a score line with 1.5cm left. Turn this a quarter turn and trim the panel into 3 strips, each about 2.5cm wide.
Card in a Box Step-by-Step Tutorial Step 3
Trim the tabs on all the pieces as shown above.
Stick the two big panels togther by glueing along one of the long tabs and sticking together.  The side with the tab showing will become the inside (wrong) sides of the box.
Card in a Box Step-by-Step Tutorial Step 4Now, I prefer to add my decorative panels to the box before fully assembling it, as I find it easier to get the panels centralised by doing it this way.  However, if you are using a decorative paper that has a right way up, you do need to keep a very careful eye on making sure your patterns are the way they need to be on the finished article (this will make more sense when I show you)!
Flipping the card base over so that the outside (right) side of the box is facing you, and the shorter 10cm panels are at the top.  Working from left to right, adhere a 9.5x11.5cm panel to the bottom longer panel. Next adhere a 9.5x21.cm panel (don't worry that this will cover the central score line) to the nextquater, and finish by adhering the final 9.5x11.5 cm panels in place (see left).
If you are decorating all the panels including the front underside, then flip the card base over again, and working now with the top section, adhere the 4 9.5x9.5cm panels.
Flip the card base over again and adhere the last 3 9.5cmx9.5cm panels.

You are now ready to add decorative patterned paper.  Flip the card base over again, and locate the panel that is backed by the longer piece of card.  This will be the panel that is the top back of the box when it's put together.  I have added a 9x9cm panel with the decorative paper the right way up to this as I look at it. The remaining panels need to be adhered "upside-down" as these are the panels that hang down when the box is assembled.

Next I flip the card base over again.  The longer 9x11cm pieces are adhered the right way up, whilst the smaller 9x9cm panels are adhered upside down (see bottom left).

Leave to dry for 15-20mins. Then glue along the final long tab, and fold box in half and attach the tab to form the box.

Finally, fold and score the 3 little tabs into an elongated 'z' shape. Apply glue to the outside edges of the tabs, and carefully insert onto the box, taking care to align the top of the tab with the top of the box. You can use as many or as few tabs as you like as these will act as the "bridges" to hold whatever you want popping out of your box.  Leave you box to dry fully.  Once dry, you can add your decorations.  Your card will fold down flat to post, as you can see on my earlier 7oth Birthday Card in a Box here.

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