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I hope it's as beautiful where you are today as it is here in sunny Northern Ireland... you'll  see a couple of photos which I took of the Glens of Antrim yesterday at the bottom of the post.

Today's cards are the sample ones which I made for the packs of my new Chrysanthemum stamps from the Pick of the Bunch set by Tonic Studios.
I've made these in a kind of "country cottage" style using rose pinks and creams but I've also got some coloured up in vivid turquoise which I'll be blogging soon and they look totally different and ultra modern in style. 
The lovely butterflies across the bottom of the card were made with the Tonic Studios Butterfly strip punch and give a gorgeous lacy feel to the card.

This is another of the large stamps from the pack (looks great in lime green too!) and the border this time is made with the Tonic Studios Butterfly Border punch

To complete the set I've made a little place card using one of the smaller stamps.

 The set together.

Now for the Glens of Antrim........

Ballintoy Harbour

Glens of Antrim

Aww....enjoying the scenery!

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