Christmas box tutorial

I made this box for the launch of the Tonic Studios Indulgence dies a couple of weeks ago and took photos of the steps on the way so I could use them for my next Papermill blog post - organised, or what!!

What you'll need;
Dark violet smooth card
Silver card
Hi tack DST
Indulgence tags dies (I have used 4 different ones but you could use the same one 4 times)

1. Die cut 4 silver Indulgence Elegant square dies - using both dies in the set.

 2. Cut 2 pieces of the purple card measuring 16cm x 18cm

3. Cut 1 square measuring 14cm x 14cm

 4. Score 1cm in from both sides on the 16cm length and 2cm up from the bottom on the 18cm length and fold.

 5. Cut out the little squares at the corners, as above, and put strips of hi tack DST along the three folded edges on 2 of the sides and only on the bottom of the other 2 sides

 6. Glue the silver die cuts to the purple card as shown above - leaving the gap at the top where the lid will be.

7. Do this on all 4 pieces.

8. Attach  the bottoms of all 4 sides to the base as shown.

 9. Attach the sides with the DST to form a box shape.

10. To make the lid....Cut a square of purple card measuring 16.5cm x 16.5cm, score and fold in 1cm from all sides. Snip one side of each corner and add hi tack DST.

11. Fold and stick the corners together to form the lid shape.

12. Punch 2 strips of card with the Gothic border punch - 3cm x 30cm 

13. Attach these to the edge of the lid with DST.

14. I decorated the top of the lid with the Oval Indulgence die. the topper die and the Vintage Frame tag die topped with a Poinsettia made from the Clematis, Lily,Poinsettia Punch and Stamp set and a little ribbon.

 I used a different Tag die for each side.

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