Box card tutorial

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and relax - this is going to be a looong post. It's not really difficult but I've taken lots of photos on the way to explain it properly.

For the Box card you're going to need

 Papermill white hammered cardstock,
 2 pieces measuring 17.75cm x 18.75 cm
 2 pieces measuring 15 cm x 24 cm
 2 pieces measuring 18 cm x 24 cm
 1 piece measuring 14 cm x 17 cm

 2 strips measuring 15.5 cm x 3 cm
 2 strips measuring 18.5 cm x 3 cm 

 2 pieces of patterned paper -  15.25 cm x 18.25 cm
 2 lengths of ribbon - 30 cm each

Embossing folder 5" x 7"

To make the box card
1.Score the 2 (17.75cm x 18.75 cm) pieces of card at 2cm on the 17.75 cm side and fold.

2.Add Crafty power Tape to one of the folded sides.

3. Join both pieces together to form a spine.

It should now look like this.

4. Take the other 4 pieces with sides measuring 24 cm and score every 2 cm along the 24 cm  lengths.

5. Fold these concertina style.

6. Add Dodz to the corners as shown.

7. Fit the folded parts together in a dovetail fashion and stick together with the Dodz.

                                                         It should now look like this.

8. Emboss the 14 cm x 17 cm piece and add Mystik permanent strips along the outside edges to attach to the back of the card.

9. Cover all the edges on one side of the "frame" with Tacky Glue as shown.

10. Stick this over the top of the embossed background to form the "box".

11. Punch the strips with the Dotty Border punch.

12. Stick these to the front of the box part of the card.

You can now decorate the box on the front and in the inside however you like..

Here's how I decorated mine..
1. Add Mystik around all the edges of the pieces of card and stick the ribbon to the centre of it as shown.

The big flower was made with the Clematis, Lily ,Poinsettia Punch and Stamp set - I just used a large circle punch for the back to make it bigger

All the flowers were made with the Tonic Studios Punch and Stamp sets - I've used a mixture on these ones.
Are you still awake..?
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