Bouquet Boutique Floral Headband

I've been playing around with the Bouquet Boutique floral dies from Tonic Studios. This time, I have used some slub silk, or raw silk as it is otherwise known. (I really should have re-done my little girls hair before taking this shot.) ;-)
The die I used was the Oriental Lily
I stiffened the silk before cutting by applying a coat of matt Mod Podge and letting it dry. It seemed to work fine but Plaid do make a dedicated fabric stiffener that would work even better. I think I need to get a hold of some. 
Here's a couple of links to fabric stiffeners for you...

Plaid Stiffy 
Crafter's Pick Fabric Stiffener

The centre of the flower is made from tiny seed beads. I threaded these, 18 to a strand.  I glued the whole lot together with my trusty old glue gun. I've had it for about 25 years and it's still going - just!
I was originally going to sew the whole thing together, but being silk, it was quite a slippy fiddly business, so that's why I gave up on that and took the easy glue gun option.
If you have a wedding coming up, you could easily make yourself a fascinator to go with your outfit. I think I may be making some more of these sometime.
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