Anemone Leaf Die Brooch

I've made this brooch by cutting out 6 layers of thin card and one layer of felt using the leaf from the anemone die set. I glued the layers together using funky glue.

The brooch pin was glued to the card with super-glue  I cut a couple of tiny slits in the felt layer for the brooch pin to poke through  then glued the felt layer on as the last piece in the sandwich, this makes a nice neat finish.
The top layer of the brooch is from an old Gaelic songbook. Once the layers were dry, I coated the brooch with 3 layers of embossing powder to give an enamel like finish. The final piece feels light but quite tough and wearable.
and finally, just so you can get an idea of the size...
You could try this idea using any of your favourite book quotes, or even photographs. Why not give it a try!

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