A Recycling challenge

Does the cost of fancy papers put you off cardmaking? Never fear. If you have a few paper punches in your arsenal, it is possible to produce cards relatively cheaply. Here I have issued myself a challenge. Decorate a card using packaging material.

I received this sweet little body wash set for my birthday in January. I have started using it, but instead of putting the card packaging in my recycle bin, I am going to use it to decorate a greetings card.
I'm not going to allow myself anything else for embellishing the card.

A few dabs of craft tacky glue later

OK, so it won't win any design awards, but I knocked this up pretty quick. I even had enough of the packaging left over for another card.

It was relatively thin card, but it did punch really easily with the Tonic Studios Simplicity Geared punches. Now I have a couple of cheap and cheerful cards to add to the collection!

Do you think I should send the thankyou card to the person who gave me the shower gel to see if they notice what it was made from?

Tonic Studio Tools used...
Simplicity geared punch classics
Petal pairs box set 2 and Petal Pairs petite 1
Craft Tacky Glue
Shape mates

Now I would like to issue YOU a challenge...

Look carefully at the packaging in your home before it goes into the recycle bin and see if you can come up with a card design using paper punches or other craft tools.

If you make a card, please post a comment here sharing a link to your creation. Perhaps we can show off your cards in another post...it would be even better if you use a Tonic Studios punch somewhere in your design.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Doda x

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