A Paper Chain from Torie Jayne !

neon & pastel paperchain
I love paper garlands so for Easter I have started to make a pretty pastel and neon one using a lace paper punch to fit in with my colour palette...

Easter decoration: Pretty paper chain garland

Tools and Materials

How-to, step by step
Pretty Easter paper chain

Simply cut strips of paper using the paper punch. Carefully place a piece of double-sided tape on one end of the rectangular strip of paper and form a loop by curling the other end under. Adhere the other end to the taped end. Get another rectangular strip, place a piece of tape on one end, insert the end through the first loop and join the ends of the second loop together. Repeat above steps for as many rectangular strips needed to form the length of garland you require, alternating the colours of the strips you use.

Lace paperchain

Neon & pastel lace paper chain


Have a sweet day!

Torie Jayne

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